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Welcome to the Ruby Refactoring Wiki

This is the website of our project to bring refactoring support to RDT.

Please note: The development of RDT has been taken over by Aptana, and we do not know their roadmap. We currently do not have the resources to continue the development or maintenance of the Ruby Refactoring project. You can still get all the source code from this website, but it will most likely not work in any recent version of RadRails or Aptana Studio.

We recommend to read our report (~3MB PDF) to get an overview to the things we did. If you have any feedback, please drop an email! Due to a lot of spam, we had to make the wiki read-only, but you can still create tickets anonymously.

We also have some statistics for the webserver, repository statistics can be found here.

Our progress can be followed by looking at this report, which shows you our milestoned, including closed ones.


Open Bugs


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